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Job Seekers


At Hiremployee, we pride ourselves at being partners with our clients and also with the candidates who approach us for jobs. We have a clear vision that our HR outsourcing services are not just about getting you another job but also about helping you develop your career to its full potential.  We understand that your career is important to you and our HR outsourcing services have that in mind.  We will walk with you!

Temporary Employees

Today, a temporary employee plays a crucial part in the workplace.  Many organizations are looking for contract workers as well as those willing to go into temporary employment to help work on projects that have cropped up and created opportunities.  This works very well during times when there is plenty of work and the demand for human capital is high.  At other times, it could be that a permanent employee needs to go on annual leave or there are systems updates and more people are needed. 

Permanent Employees

Permanent employees have a strategic place in our recruitment process.  We do the work of approaching and assessing candidates that are considered exemplary and who meet the requirements for the permanent positions.  Our job is to make sure that the time spent by the organization hiring is reduced, there is minimum effort from the company’s HR department and we endeavor to identify the person for the job, right from the start.

Career Opportunities

As mentioned earlier, part of what we do is managing corporate talent. We will work with you to help you to climb the proverbial corporate ladder and develop your career.  We have the necessary experience to walk with you as you make the next move in your career development.  We will be happy to walk with you through your next contract and our commitment is to keep you updated and to provide the necessary advice as you go through the process. 

As a human resource outsourcing company, we have placed many people in contract jobs, temporary and permanent employment as needed.  Our European clients are outsourcing human resources to us because they know can trust us to find them qualified personnel from various countries.